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Traditional farming is facing serious problems

There is a huge pressure to produce more food each day.

There is a huge pressure to produce more food each day. The growth of the human population and worldwide urbanization is becoming exponential. Shortage of water is a fact for many countries and the uncontrolled application of chemical fertilizers exhausts the land. Yields are reducing and the quality of our food decreases because of the excessive use of pesticides and lack of minerals.

Our food does not contain enough nutrients, enzymatic processes in our bodies start failing and little by little we become weak and ill. Urban Ponics introduces a new way of growing:

Full Spectrum Farming

We bring the farm to the city...

In a climate controlled, micro-greenhouse module of only 5 x 10 meter, healthy vegetables, fruits and herbs are produced in vertical columns or racks. As growing medium for the roots we use a very thin mist and dissolve biological nutrients that we have extracted from Amazon -and Ocean water. We obtain real nutritious food.

We obtain real nutritious food.

What is Full Spectrum Farming?

  • A vertical farming concept that does not use soil, peat or water as growing medium. The roots grow in a misty environment with optimum climate conditions and plenty oxygen.
  • Instead of traditional chemical NPK fertilizers, this growing alternative uses a full spectrum of biological nutrients, made out of (sea)minerals and phytonutrients from the Amazons. The sea provides a full spectrum of macro, micro and spore elements. The amazon provides a full spectrum of polyphenols, alkaloids, amino acids, tannins, saponins and other phytonutrients. Together they form the basis of our biological fertilizers and grow-stimulators.
  • No need to use artificial light for growing. We use the full spectrum light from the sun. Short wavelengths (PAR) are used for plant growth, the long wavelengths (NIR) are used to produce hot and cold water for the climate control unit.
  • Thanks to climate control the plants do not vaporize (sweat). This saves a lot of water. Drain water is also re-used. Zero spills of water!

Without a full spectrum of light, oxygen, clean water and nutrients, the vegetables and fruits that we consume will never contain sufficient nutritious value.

What is Nutritious Food?

Food that contains all the minerals, spore elements, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids that we need to stay healthy.

Is the food that we consume today still nutritious?

Not enough! To obtain the same level of nutrition, we should increase the consumption of vegetables with at least 50%. Experts say that our food in earlier days had a higher nutritious value than today. We suggest to recover this value instead of producing more and more...

Earlier days:

...Production in virgin soil with more than 90 macro/micro/spore elements and phytonutrients available for the plant result in a healthy product...


...Production in greenhouses with inert substrates and chemical fertilizers with a maximum of 10 so called "essential" micro/micro elements available. Total absence of spore elements and phytonutrients results in a very poor and less nutritious product...

Plants, animals and humans need a full spectrum of nutrients to stay or become healthy. Enzymatic processes in our body that are related to the synthesis processes, cannot take place if some nutrients are absent. Healthy food gives us energy and enhances cell-growth. Shortage of nutrients in our food weakens the immune system and makes us ill.

Full spectrum farming approaches the quality of the virgin soil in earlier days and cannot be compared with the mass production in greenhouses or exhausted soils of today.

Feasibility of Vertical Farming

Growing horizontal in a city will never be economically feasible.

The cost of land is very high. Recovery of lost spaces sounds nice, but only produces some expensive veggies for the happy few. Rooftop farming as it is practiced now, neither is a solution. The roof may collapse under the weight of tons of soil. Landlords are not keen on these initiatives.

The Urban Ponics system does not use soil or another growing medium. The plants grow in a nutrient rich, misty environment where the roots can develop easily. Mist does not weight anything...

Growing vertical is 10 times (=1000%) more efficient than conventional methods. Besides healthier products a higher yield will be achieved. This means that a project becomes economic feasible on small scale. No need for expansion if an urban farmer can produce between 3.000 and 7.000 heads of leafy vegetables per month on an space of only 50 or 100 square meters.

Key figures:

  • Production of real nutritious food with a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.
  • There is no need to use pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.
  • Reduction of the water consumption with 90% compared to traditional methods.
  • Chemical fertilizers are replaced by biological ones.
  • Solar light is captured and filtered or concentrated to stimulate assimilation and generate energy for cooling and heating
  • Low CAPEX/OPEX and quick Return on the investment.
  • Small sized, scalable turn-key projects of 50 or 100m2.
  • Training on the job that learns inexperienced growers to produce top quality products.
  • High yield per square meter because of vertical growth.
  • Online monitoring system with user-specified access to the growing data (temperature, humidity, CO2 level, light intensity) and programmable alerts (low tank level, power failure, high temperature etcetera)
  • Easy maintenance and locally available spare parts.

Who is Urbanponics?

Urban Ponics is a Dutch company that promotes the production of nutritious food. In the Netherlands, a team of growers, biologists, architects and scientists is working on the implementation of different vertical farming concepts for Urban purposes.

Our goals and objectives are:

  • Reduction of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Production of real nutritious food.
  • Reduction of water.

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Vision and mission

According to the report "World Urbanization Prospects (UN revision 2016), 54% of the world's population lives in urban areas. By 2030, the world will have 41 mega-cities with more than 10 million inhabitants

Taking into account the scarcity of water, long distances for transporting products from the field to the cities and excessive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, we doubt that our next generation can obtain enough healthy and affordable food.

The introduction of the Urban Ponics growing systems is based on a common concern: the exponential growth of the world population. What goes up comes down. We attempt to slow down the decline of the curve when it comes down.

Urban Ponics introduces Full Spectrum Farming as a new way of growing vegetables, herbs and fruits that grants the production of healthy and affordable food for the increased urbanized populations

Urban Ponics provides a technical and economically viable growing system for small and medium sized Urban Farmers who live in multimillion cities where scarcity of water is becoming an issue.

Project and products

Turn Key Projects:

Urban Ponics sells a scalable glass micro-greenhouse of 50 or 100m2 that is fully conditioned and ready to produce vegetables, fruits and herbs. It can be placed on a rooftop, in a garden or even at a parking lot. The greenhouse is easy to operate and control. No specific knowledge is required. Our clients will be instructed and monitored by the local distributor. Under our supervision the new urban farmer will participate in the construction of the project and trained to become a producer of triple A quality food.

Biological Stimulators and fertilizers:

The biological stimulators of Urban Ponics are extracted from the Amazon rivers and the Atlantic Ocean. This organic fertilizer/bio-stimulator can be used as well for traditional farming, hydroponics and aeroponic growing systems. It provides a full spectrum of nutrients, minerals, trace elements and phytonutrients the plant needs for healthy growing.

Seawater = Chlorophyll = blood plasma

The composition of seawater, chlorophyll in the leaves and blood plasma of animals and human beings show something remarkable: they are quite the same:

foto 1

Our fertilizers and stimulators are provided as a colloidal solution.

From design to reality:

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