Who are we?

Urban Ponics is a Dutch company that promotes the production of nutritious food. We do not agree with the bio industry that only is focused on the production of many kilos instead of the art of growing food with high nutritious value and delicious taste.

Urban Ponics has developed a commercial way of vertical farming on small scale, applicable in urban areas and big cities. We provide our associated farmers a special nutrient mix that contains 90+ minerals and trace elements instead of the existing standard chemical ones that used in modern horticulture (maximum 6 macro and 6 micro nutrients in solution with EDTA).

In the Netherlands, a team of growers, biologists, architects and scientists is working on the implementation of different vertical farming concepts and a line of supplements for Urban Farming purposes.

Our goals and objectives are:

Production of real nutritious food

Production of real nutritious food with a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

Reduction of water consumption

Reduction of the water consumption with 90% compared to traditional methods

Reduction of chemical fertilizers and pesticides

There is no need to use pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

Develop a feasible business case for Urban Farmers that produce on small scale

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Laurens Trebes

Laurens Trebes

General Manager and Operations

Laurens Trebes: inventor and promoter of Full Spectrum Farming