Production of nutritious vegetables, herbs and fruits, available for everybody through the common distribution channels.

Urban Ponics cooperates with professional growers and installs the vertical growing system in the already existing greenhouses. Yields can be multiplied by 500 to 1.000%.

Investment in new greenhouses can be postponed by implementing the 4-Leafed concept.


City Harvest

Installation of small scale greenhouse projects with 4 to 20 PODs. These micro greenhouses are designed for schools, hospitality, care institutions, elderly homes, hospitals, hotels etcetera. For the owners of restaurants or people without a garden, Urban Ponics also has developed the Tiny-POD. It will be possible to grow year around fresh and nutritious lettuces, herbs, mint and vegetables at only 1 square meter.

City Harvest provides service, plantlets and the special NACAR fertilizer with 90+ minerals that makes Full Spectrum Farming possible. It guarantees real nutritious food.