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Clean Water for People

Urban Ponics has developed and deployed a biological clean-up method for the sanitation of polluted Urban deltas. 

Saving our Urban Deltas

Plants, animals and  humans are often embodied. Sometimes we forget that water in itself has also a body we all should respect. Lakes, rivers and oceans are just three examples of this nature.

Plastic is one of the main pollutants of waterbodies and many initiatives tackle this issue altogether, but we forget that contamination is much worse than just plastic pollution.

Waterbodies can perish as well, due to overload of city sewage, industrial discharges and artificial fertilizers. Lakes, rivers and oceans become sick and become toxic for plants, animals and humans.

How do we restore Natural balance?

Solving Water Contamination

Contaminated surface water is a world-wide problem. Everybody knows this. There are no creative, sustainable and economically feasible solutions to tackle this problem. The problem is far too big and expensive for most of the governments. Priority is housing, production of food and other initiatives that generate revenues and jobs. Unfortunately, our environment is the last to be addressed because it only costs money. 

Plastics, organic contamination (sewage), excess fertilizers and all kinds of industrial waste end up in streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. It causes eutrophication and kills flora and fauna. We are poisoning our own food and living environment. Ad-hoc solutions such as dredging, sedimentation with chemicals such as Aluminum Sulphate or Hydrogen Peroxide are not sustainable. Rivers and lakes become more and more polluted and it seems almost impossible to generate a breakthrough.

Nonetheless,  an innovative method to generate this breakthrough and clean a waterbody in a 100% biological way, is developed and tested with success in Paraguay, Venezuela and recently Nicaragua. 

The philosophy behind this method is to see a waterbody in a more holistic way: A lake should also be considered and treated as a body. If it is contaminated (sick) you can give medicines (chemicals) or opt for boosting the immune system (healthy nutrition). Like in all living bodies, oxygen plays the key role to combat pathogens and contamination. Oxygens stimulates the growth of the “good” microorganisms so a lake will be able to restore its natural balance of the (water) body themselves. 


The pilot projects have been executed on REAL Scale (Lago Ypacarai Paraguay, Lago de Maracaibo Venezuela and Laguna de Tiscapa Nicaragua) all seriously contaminated. The provided solution, a combination of NACAR PoCo and a mechanical aerator resulted in a very quick bioremediation. After a testing period of 2 months evidence was observed clearly and confirmed at the laboratory. Blue/green algae blooms have disappeared, the reduction of the smell is significant and many new born little fish.

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