Personalised Urban Farming

Farming as a service

B2B Tailor Made Farming solutions

Personalized Aeroponics Food production at your door step

Experience the future of personalised farming as

YOU decide
WHAT & WHEN to grow your food in our new Urban Ponics Pod-Plot system.

Our Farming as a Service Explained (FAAS)

We are bringing rural to the city.

Our platform allows you to grow a variety of crops and plants by renting a space of what we call Pod Plots. 

Control over your food production

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Produced with 95+ Minerals and trace elements

All products are produced with Full Spectrum Farming using NACAR 

Urban Ponics Equivalent

Verifiable information for each batch of vegetables produced in our farms. 

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Local production

Short chain logistics to ensure the freshest and tastiest products in the market

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Circular Business Models

No waste mentality! Partners can send back their vegetable waste and we will use it for compost

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Reduce Co2 Emissions

Be on your way to sustainable food production and consumption

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SDG's which are acted upon

Production on site just for you!

The idea is to Provide Business to Business (B2B) customers with the ability to control the quality and quantity of crops that they consume and have personalized food production directly at their doorstep. Enabling them with an online platform to select, order and track the crops they desire with flexibility in mind.

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How does FAAS work?

1. Recognize the need for more nutritious and sustainable food

(Proven) Highly nutritional crops at your fingertips

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2. Have a look at the crops and choose the amount for the month

Choose between our winter and summer production

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3. Reserve your own Pod-Plots

The date, location, and # of POD-PLOTS is completely up to your needs!

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4. Make your payment

Lean back and relax, we will take care of the rest 😉

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Reserve your Pod-Plots

Food production has never been easier

First come first serve
Grow on demand

Get your products from your nearest Urban Farm!


Pick your produce from your closest farm  within a 30km km radius.

Or have your products delivered please let us know or call +31 6 176 98335 


In Farming as a Service (FAAS) we connect you to a new service where the world of urban gardening is tailored to your needs

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