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Urban Farming Concepts

Full Spectrum Farming is a new way of farming with the focus on the production of real nutritious food. Tests have shown that the vegetables produced according this method, contain more minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. It is not possible to rate these products per kilo or per piece. They should be rated for the nutrition they provide to us.

Our Concepts

Urban Ponics introduces the UP-equivalent; the sum of measuring different biomarkers such as Carotenoids, vitamin K1, trace elements. The higher the UP-equivalent, the more nutritional value, and the higher the price will for the farmer and for the consumer of course. Consumers pay for nutrition instead of water and cellulose!

Urban Ponics developed a unique plant nutrition (NACAR) with 95 minerals and trace elements. The Full Spectrum! Besides nutrition, NACAR also stimulates the metabolism of the plant. The 95 minerals  and trace elements can be used effectively by the plant and boost the immune system. Plants with a strong immune system can defend themselves against fungus and insects. They produce alkaloids so they taste a little bitter and produce terpenes so the spread aromas. 

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