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IOT Solutions

Micro growing computers that help Urban Farmers keep track of their produce. Measuring C02 levels, temperature, tank water levels,  analysing pH and EC of the feeding water are now the responsibility of the program and the sensors.

How does it work?


Urban Ponics designs and manufactures growing computers for micro greenhouses in Urban Areas. The collected data is displayed on an online dashboard and stored in the cloud. Besides registration and interpretation of data, the micro computer can also assist the farmer with greenhouse operations, filling the tanks and control the humidity and temperature in the greenhouse.

+ Control
Health Monitoring
Integrated Warnings
Optimise Input

The Urban Ponics Equivalent

The UP-Equivalent is an equivalent that indicates the nutritional value in the vegetables. Instead of paying per kilo of water + cellulose, customers will pay for nutritional content of the product. At this moment a digital ledger is being created that should provide the customer accurate information about the products they purchase. The customer should be able to make a decision to buy the product with the lowest price or the product with the highest content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The blockchain-like equivalent will be integrated to the 4-Leafed concept and will be rolled out on 2021.

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