reduction of food waste

The Soil Maker

Taking care of your own food waste is the first step to reduce the FOOD-miles, reduce waste-related costs, and become sustainable.

How does it work?

Soil Maker at work

The Soil Maker turns kitchen waste into valuable composted soil. It is a natural process where enzymes and activated microorganisms degrade the food waste in a period of approximately 2 weeks. 300 Kilos of waste per day will turn into 150 kilos of soil. The soil has a commercial value and can be used in the greenhouses to grow little plantlets and seedlings. Other capacities are 100 and 200 kilos per day.

The machine does not require additional (electrical) heat because the activity of microorganisms provides the energy for degradation. The Soil Makers operates full continuedly and is easy to maintain and operate.

Where is this compost used?

Plantlets and seedlings are grown in our own Urban Farming Projects. 

Circularity is one of our main concerns. Therefore we have closed the loop by creating our own food management solutions!

Are you up for the challenge?

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