reduction of food waste


The worldwide Food waste problem will not be reduced if people do not understand how difficult it is to produce a delicious and nutritious product for consumption. At least 30% of the fresh vegetables end up as waste. This is a well known fact and well known problem. It is not nice and goes against all initiatives to become a circular economy.

How does it work?


Converting fruits and vegetable waste into fresh soups and smoothies is a very good option, but it has limitations due to the huge overproduction short shelve life and limited demand.

Urban Ponics has developed the MegaVega Chips. These chips are made of tomatoes, pepper, Kale, onions and Leek. Not fried in oil or baked in hot ovens. Our food waste is popped, does not contain fats, sugars and conservatives. During the process we do not exceed the 40 degrees C so the vitamins remain in the chips. Chips are dried and can be stored for many years without losing nutritional content. 

Consuming a small bag of 50 grams of Vega chips equals  consuming 300 grams of fresh vegetables. It becomes very easy to get your daily intake of vegetables.

The process

Food Waste is collected

Your waste is our gold!

Grade-B Food waste is recollected from our 4-leafed Partners. From existing Greenhouses that produce under the Full Spectrum Farming

Food Waste is treated and heated

No more fatty oils!

Vitamins from the Food Waste are preserved by not exceeding 40°C and not using any fatty oils to make them.

Delicious & Nutritious Chips Ready for you!

Nutritious and Delicious Veggie-Chips!

Different flavours like TOMATO, ARUGULA, PEPPERS.

reduce Unnecessary food waste !

By making CHIPS out of it