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NACAR is a natural extract from fresh humic compounds (alkaloids, terpenes, tannins, saponins, plant enzymes etc), fruit oils, oligo elements that are present in the sea.

 It contains a balanced mixture of the full spectrum of 95+ minerals and trace elements, amino acids, fatty acids, polysaccharides and beneficial phytonutrients.

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Solid Base

NACAR is the solid base for the developed concepts for Agriculture, water sanitation and Life Science.


NACAR provides the full spectrum of amino acids, fatty acids, poly-saccharides, minerals and necessary trace elements such as Iodine, Selene, Germanium and Zink.

Biological Activator

NACAR is a biological activator that stimulates the metabolism of all living cells in all living bodies. It boosts the immune system so the body (plant, animal, human or water) is able to defend itself against bacteria’s, pests, fungus and other harmful microorganisms.

"Nacar is the result of bio-mineralization, where salt water from the oceans mixes with water from the rivers"

Nacar comes in several formulas for applications in:


Are formulas for a complete plant nutrition, based on the full spectrum of 95+ minerals and trace elements. The enhancer takes care of bringing the right nutrition to the plant cells. They are able to grow in a natural way and will not get sick easily because of the strong immune system.


is a nutritional supplement that is applied through the skin. A product line with lotions, deodorant sticks and cremes is under development.


Is a nutritional supplement and enhancer for humans. It is based on a formula with amino acids, fatty acids, poly saccharides and the full spectrum of minerals and trace elements. It boosts the metabolism and strengthens the immune system.


is a biological activator for the cleaning of surface water. A waterbody (lake, river or sea) also has its own DNA and immune system. Pollution causes damage to the immune system and pathogens will grow in presence. NACAR H2O restores the natural balance of the waterbody and stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms that produce oxygen instead of consuming it.

How can you recognize a healthy plant?

The answer is: Taste it and smell it. The better it tastes and smells, the higher the nutritional value!