About us

Who we are

A Green Tech company that aims to restore natures’ lost balance through technology

Urban Ponics creates

Green-Tech development projects to fight against today’s most pressing Urban Challenges, such as the lack of nutrition in today’s greens, polluted rivers and lakes, and food waste. 

We develop, rethink, and act upon different projects together with a team of dedicated people and partners that make all this possible.

Revolutionizing our current food system

With the Full Spectrum Farming technique 

Treating food waste with technology

Closing the loop by using  our 4-Leafed partner’s food waste

Respecting our planet's scarce resources

Tracking and tracing processes, reutilising where possible

Fighting Water Pollution from other angles

Understanding nature to battle organic contamination

The Vision:

Change existing paradigms

by Implementing reverseengineering and biomimicry for the successful realisation of innovative and sustainable concepts.

The mission:

1. Nurture the world instead of feeding it!

2. Reduce food waste drastically!

3. Safeguard our scarce resources!

4. Clean our lakes, rivers and oceans!

Meet the team

laurens trebes urbanponics

Laurens Trebes

Johannes Trebes urbanponics

Johannes Trebes

Business Development
urbanponics plants

Floris Kersten

Resident Farmer
laurens trebes urbanponics

Lonneke Mertens

Project Manager

Jaap van de Beukel

Agricultural Growth Expert
urbanponics plants

Sergio Daza

Sales & Marketing

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