Urban Ponics Develops

Green technologies For a healthier world

We implement innovative concepts connected to new urban Challenges

Urban Ponics is
a Dutch Green-tech company
that develops and implements new technologies and concepts
connected to new Urban challenges.

By 2030, the world will have 41 mega-cities with more than 10 million inhabitants. Increasing urbanization leads to increasing problems for the supply of food, clean water, waste management, and people’s health. Mega-cities should become more self-sufficient, energy neutral and take care of sanitation, and waste issues. Urban Ponics is a Dutch AG-tech company that develops and deploys new technologies and concepts related to these new Urban challenges.  

“Our mission is not just feeding the world but to really nurture it in the process”

Our Full Spectrum Urban Farming Concepts:

4 Leafed

Joint Partnerships with professional growers, retail and foodservice in order to sell products according to their nutritional content instead of selling per kilo. 


Nutritional Supplement and Natural Enhancer that stimulates the metabolism of plants, animals, and humans and boosts their immune system

City Harvest

Sales and implementation of hybrid cultivation systems for the production of vegetables, fruits and herbs in Urban Areas.

Full Spectrum Farming

Is a new way of farming with the focus on the production of real nutritious food. Tests show that vegetables produced under the Full Spectrum Farming technique, contain more minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. 

It is not accurate to rate these products per kilo or per piece anymore. They should be rated for the nutrition they provide to us and we should be held accountable for it. Urban Ponics introduces the UP-equivalent; the sum of vitamins, minerals  and trace-elements, obtained by measuring different biomarkers such as Carotenoids, vitamin K1,  and other trace elements.

The higher the UP-equivalent, the more nutritional value, the higher the price paid per product to the farmer and the healthier it is for the consumer.

Consumers will pay for nutrition instead of paying for water and cellulose!


Nowadays people are not receiving the nutrition they are paying for.

Vegetables lack nutritional value simply because plant nutrition has gotten worse and our soils are getting depleted.

This is not a secret but a fact.

How can you recognize a healthy plant?

The answer is: Taste it and smell it. The better it tastes and smells, the higher the nutritional value!

Laurens Trebes

Founder & Owner

Johannes Trebes

Business Developer

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