Design & Deploy of Smart-Tech Urban Farms

Practical growing solutions for all climates 

Nature driven smart tech.

4 U-Farms

1 Goal → Safe
production of highly nutritious food in Peri-Urban Areas, deserts, mountains... Even underground!

3 Urban Growing Solutions

4 Urban Farming Ecosystems
for you!

Current Projects

12 Greenhouses already built in The Netherlands

1 Walipini in Ireland

1 Urban Jungle in Colombia

1 Urban Jungle in Uruguay

1 Urban Jungle in Singapore

1 Urban Jungle in Uzbekistán

1 Oasis in Dubai

1 Urban Jungle in South Africa

The Walipini

- Grassland Ecosystem

Nutritious food production
in places deemed impossible. 

Underground food production, on steep hills, or between rocky hills.

Walipinis are ancient structures which apeared in the Peruvian and Bolivian high grounds. Urban Ponics partnered with Emerald Isle Growers to make this possible and grow nutritious with the full spectrum farming.


Constant Natural Heat Sources

Increased Yield in less space

Closed Loop Water Recycling System

Low Capex on Smart Tech Projects

Cliffs, hills, underground locations become harvesting hot spots

Vertical ventilation and rain water harvesting system in place

The Oasis

-For Desert Climates

Fertile Urban Habitat for plants to grow under extreme weather conditions.

The Oasis are equipped with state of the art adiabatic cooling systems whereby recycled water is used to cool the inner walls of the structure. Temperature is greatly reduced, making the impossible, possible. Growing lettuce in the desert at 50 degree temperatures, dry climates, and on the sunny roof tops.


Adiabatic Cooling System for climate control

Grow fresh food in extreme conditions

Water safe technology for reducing, recycling & reusing


Auxiliary energy generating mechanisms and batteries possible

Ideal for deserts and islands as in Dubai, Hawai, Fiji

Tropical Forest

- For Tropical Climates

Wholistic Greenhouse solutions to produce both leafy and fruity crops in high humidity &  high temperature climates using vertical farming.

Storm resistant Saw Toothed greenhouses equipped with Grow Pods and Lava Buckets that work together in symbiosis.


Natural Bernoulli Effect
for climate control

Consistent & increased
yield in reduced space

Rain water harvesting
systems at place

Storm proof modular
farming equipment

Nutritious &
delicious greens

Low Capital & Operational expenditures

The Urban Jungle

- For Moderate Climates

Small – Large scale Urban Greenhouses tailored to your needs. No more kilograms of water and cellulose. Fresh tasty, pesticide free crops at the tip of your fingers!

Micro and macro Urban Farming projects to produce nutritious food indoors or outdoors at your greenhouse, garden, terrace, balcony or other.



Turn Key

No Pesticides

Nutritious & delicious greens

IoT Technologies to make farming easy

Low Energy Consumption

80 products per square meter

- Grow Pods

Growing Technology

- Lava Buckets
- Nursery Cart