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Partnerships with farmers, food service, and retail convinced by the Full Spectrum Farming Technique

More about 4-Leafed Concept

The valuation of vegetables nowadays is based on paying per kilo. The more kilos the more revenues. But kilos of what? Water and cellulose? There is no incentive for farmers to produce real nutritious food that contains the full spectrum of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. It is just cost-increasing. Urban Ponics has proven that NACAR plant nutrition increases the nutritious content enormously but is facing commercial issues because all these extra vitamins and antioxidants cannot be expressed in kilos. 

This paradigm does not convince farmers to purchase NACAR plant nutrition because it is considered to be an additional cost that does not directly generate more kilos. In a 5 years period of testing, Urban Ponics has shown to produce REAL nutritious food with the Full Spectrum Farming method.

Laboratory analyses show increase of Minerals, Carotenoids and Vitamins and provide the necessary backup of this statement. Tastings in retail outlets in the Netherlands, Food service in 2019 and 2020 have convinced retail, food service and the end consumers about the quality of the products. 


What are the benefits of 4-Leafed


of 30% in addition the highest price of comparable Organic products.


With over-active buyers that go for the lowest bid.


replaces the current way of ascribing value to vegetables

LOCAL 4 LOCAL Production

Saving Food Miles with short production and logistical chains